Complaint Management

Note: If you want to file a complaint on issues such as late rides, canceled rides and general subjects, please use the 5-minute-guarantee form of the NVV.  This form has been optimized to ensure that all necessary entries are made that are needed to quickly clarify the matter. 
Help us improve! 

The waste container at the stop is no longer properly attached and the entire content may fall on the ground any minute. Did your bus depart too early? 

Please promptly communicate any deficiencies you notice to us. This is the only way to make sure we can take action. 
To enable us to process your notice quickly and specifically, all notices are collected in the central NVV Complaint Database.  
This enables us to submit your request to the specific staff member in charge and to eliminate the deficiency as quickly as possible.  

» Click here to go to the Complaint Database  

Tip: If you click on “Response Requested” when you enter your complaint, you will receive email feedback from us.   

Online Dispute Mediation  

Since February 2, 2016, consumers have the option to use the Online Dispute Mediation Platform  (OS Platform) of the European Union to get free assistance with the submission of a consumer complaint related to an online purchase contract or online service contract as well as information on the proceedings at consumer mediation sites in the European Union. You may access the OS Platform under the following link:
Our email address is: service(at) 

Consumer Dispute Mediation Process 

The KVG does not participate in any consumer mediation processes.